Our Beef is from the Scottish Highlands. With a large mountain range at its heart, the Highlands includes unique areas of wild land, moorland, forests, rivers, lochs and glens. The rich pastures are ideally suited to the production of premium quality Beef.

The skills of breeding and finishing have been refined over the years to produce some of Scotland’s very finest beef.

All of our Beef is hung for at least 21 days to tenderise the meat and deepen the flavour. This makes it some of the finest Scottish beef you can buy.

Fillet Steak

Utterly tender steak from least exercised part of animal.

From: £8.00

Picanha Steak

From rump cap, considered the most prized steak by South Americans!

From: £11.00

Rib Eye Steak

The chef's choice, full flavoured boneless steak from the fore-rib.

From: £7.80

Sirloin Sandwich Steak

Thin premium slices of sirloin heaven.

From: £8.80

Roasting Joints

Brisket Joint

An inexpensive 'old-fashioned' cut, benefits from long slow cooking.

From: £8.00

Rolled Sirloin

An up-market, boneless roast, hand-rolled, easy to carve.

From: £22.50


A flavoursome roast from the best part of the rump.

From: £15.00


A classic, wide grained, affordable cut which benefits from long slow cooking.

From: £9.00

Other Cuts

Braising Steak

Lean with good marbling for outstanding flavour, suited to long slow cooking.

From: £12.00

Osso Bucco

From the foreleg, famously rich in marrow, braises away to tenderness.

From: £12.00


Gloriously gelatinous, flavour packed cut that becomes fondant - soft slow cook.

From: £10.50

Short Ribs

Barbecue perfect, though also very versatile, beef short ribs are succulent and flavoursome.

From: £13.00

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